Vienna 2015

First ten countries qualify!

After an exciting show and a rushed announcement, ten countries qualified for Saturday’s Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. As expected, fan favourite The Netherlands failed, as well as the most discussed act this year, Finland. Find out who qualified below!
These ten have also drawn in which half they’re going to perform in the Grand Final. You can also find that out below!
In alphabetic order:

  • Albania – Second half
  • Armenia – First half
  • Belgium – First half
  • Estonia – First half
  • Georgia – Second half
  • Greece – Second half
  • Hungary – Second half
  • Romania – Second half
  • Russia – Second half
  • Serbia – First half

That means FYR Macedonia, The Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Moldova and Belarus failed to qualify. On Thursday, seventeen more countries will attempt to catch another ten tickets for Saturday’s show!
Let’s look back at our own predictions as well. Our prediction was quite accurate: 9/10 qualified. We however had Denmark in, with Hungary missing out. The ones to have Hungary as a qualifier were Aoife, Edward, Nick, Rinor, Peter and Simon. That’s still half of the predicting team!
If we look at individual scores, Simon and Rinor ruled tonight. They both scored an incredible 10/10. Sadly, the ‘worst’ predictions came from Nathan and Aoife, who still scored a respectable 7/10. The most common ‘mistake’ was having Denmark as a qualifier.
If we now compare that to the results of our preview shows a few weeks ago, we can see that the viewers and voters there were quite a bit off. They’ve predicted 7/10 qualifiers correctly, but had Belarus, FYR Macedonia and The Netherlands qualifying over Armenia, Greece and Hungary.

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