Vienna 2015

Day 13: The Grand Final awaits

Welcome to day 13 at Eurovision 2015. It is Christmas Day for Eurovision fans the world over. Yesterday saw the first two run-throughs of the Grand Final including the Jury Final last night. With 50% of the vote locked in, we now have a full voting order for tonight’s show, which you can see below.
We will have one final dress rehearsal at 13:00 CET ahead of tonight’s Grand Final which kicks off at 21:00 CET. You can listen to both of these shows via our live stream, or where we’ll bring you live analysis and commentary. Follow our updates on twitter too, @escXtra.
All that’s left to say is to wish Eurovision fans a very Merry Christmas and may the best country win!
From, the voting order for tonight’s final, with spokespersons in brackets, is as follows:
1) Montenegro (Andrea Demirović)
2) Malta (Julia Zahra)
3) Finland (Krista Siegfrids)
4) Greece (Helena Paparizou)
5) Portugal (Suzy)
6) Romania (Sonia Argint Ionescu)
7) Belarus (Teo)
8) Albania (Andria Xhahu)
9) Moldova (Olivia Fortuna)
10) Azerbaijan (Tural Asadou)
11) Latvia (Markus Riva)
12) Serbia (Maia Nikolić)
13) Estonia (Tania)
14) Denmark (Basim)
15) Switzerland (Laetitia Guarino)
16) Belgium (Walid)
17) France (Virginie Guillaume)
18) Armenia (Lilit Muradyan)
19) Ireland (Nicky Byrne)
20) Sweden (Mariette Hanson)
21) Germany (Barbara Schöneberger)
22) Australia (Lee Lin Chin)
23) Czech Republic (Daniela Písařovicová)
24) Spain (Lara Siscar)
25) Austria (Kati Bellowitsch)
26) F.Y.R. Macedonia (Marko Mark)
27) Slovenia (Tinkara Kovač)
28) Hungary (Csilla Tatár)
29) United Kingdom (Nigella Lawson)
30) Georgia (Natia Bunturi)
31) Lithuania (Ugnė Galadauskaitė)
32) Netherlands (Edsilia Rombley)
33) Poland (Cleo)
34) Israel (Ofer Nachshom)
35) Russia (Dmitry Shepelev)
36) San Marino (Valentina Monetta)
37) Italy (Federico Russo)
38) Iceland (Sigridur Halldorsdottir)
39) Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos)
40) Norway (Margrethe Røed)

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