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The Best of the Worst – Peter’s nul points countdown

8. Çetin Alp & The Short Waves – Opera (Turkey 1983)

What went wrong?
For some of the unlucky members of the nul points club, exactly how they got there is a bit of a head-scratcher. That certainly cannot be said of Opera. It’s hard to tell whether this ode to the thrills of the opera and its composers is actually meant to be a novelty entry, but it’s absolutely mental either way. Çetin performs this song completely straight while eejits in period gear cavort around behind him, and musically you really don’t know what the song is going to do next, other than get more ridiculous. I can only assume that the juries thought they had dreamt the whole three minutes and therefore didn’t think to mark it. It really needs to be seen and heard to be believed, so just watch the video.
Redeeming features?
I almost hate myself for saying this, but I really quite love this! It’s the most ridiculous song, but it really is something of a musical journey, and although you wouldn’t think it at the start, it’s bloody catchy! I don’t think I’m alone in that either, and I have no doubt that in the age of televoting, this would do much better than stone dead last, for good reasons or bad.

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