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The Best of the Worst – Peter’s nul points countdown

7. Célia Lawson – Antes Do Adeus (Portugal 1997)

Redeeming features?
This is a melancholy, pretty ballad about a break-up that is fairly typical of the quieter 90s at Eurovision. Not one of the best of its type from that time but absolutely not one of the worst. Célia Lawson is very pretty, she sings the song well and gives an assured performance. Maybe not a song to actively seek out, but it’s definitely not a song that has the stamp of a Eurovision disaster. That is, if you ignore…
What went wrong?
So this is probably not the kind of song that would attract a huge number of votes anyway, and therefore it’s totally conceivable that the jurors were distracted from the things the song actually does have going for it by Celia’s troupe of beshaded backing singers. Seriously, what a massive error in judgement they were, with their creepy spoken word lines and their out-of-time clicking turning what is otherwise a sophisticated performance into something a little bit silly.

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