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The Best of the Worst – Peter’s nul points countdown


Tor Endresen – San Francisco (Norway 1997)

Finally for today, an honorary mention for a song that thoroughly deserved its place in the pits of the scoreboard with no points for comfort, and it’s another one from 1997. Perrenial Melodi Grand Prix also-ran and Norwegian household name Tor Endresen finally made it to the contest with this laughably naff piece of cheese. What makes it so toe-curling though, is the utterly shameless bending of the language rule, more than any other song before or after it.
Half of the song is littered with phrases like “California Dreamin’,” “make love not war,” and “man on the moon” to name but a few, and the other half if sung by Tor in what can only be described as American-Norwegian. It’s almost as if he’s trying to trick the voters into not realising they’re listening to a song in another language at all. Thankfully the jurors saw through how contrived it was, and they consigned this song not only to the history books, but to the darkest depths of Eurovision history possible.
Part two…
Come back next week for the top five songs that finished bottom of the pack, and in the mean time, leave your comments and let us know whether you agree with the choices so far, and what you think number 1 will be!

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