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Should’ve Known Better – Part 1

Johann Sebastian Bass – Absolutio

A lot went wrong in Austria this year. They hosted a nice contest, had some nice hosts and it was all nice. But that had nothing to do with the song they’d eventually send. The Makemakes and their I Am Yours won the national final convincingly, but, like their piano, crashed and burnt in the actual contest: Dead last without a single point.
That fact really makes Austria the perfect country to start these series with. Basically, it also almost guarantees that my choice would indeed have done better. It’s pretty hard to do worse than nil points. So I’m going completely out of the box and I’m going absolutely crazy. Novelty!
Complete with wigs and outfits fitting right in the 18th century, Johann Sebastian Bass were the most remarkable act in the national final. Their song was just as bonkers as that. Opera singers as vocals, going all out on the vocals themselves, a weird thing to change his voice. I know, many, many people will dislike or even hate this entry. But it’s so out there that I’m sure some countries in Europe would’ve at least given a few points to Johann Sebastian Bass. Where The Makemakes were completely forgettable and in fact just boring, Johann Sebastian Bass would’ve made an impression which would be hard to forget. So that’s why I’ve chosen to go with this crazy performance. Enjoy.

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