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Should’ve Known Better – Part 1

CEJ – We Were In Love

This was probably the most difficult choice for me. Voltaj were undoubtedly a good choice for Romania, their song did well with the fans and in Vienna. De La Capăt just is a really good song, despite not making the top ten in Vienna. So this choice is purely and only based on my personal taste…
Those of you who know me may know that country music, schlager and inoffensive ballads are the things I like best. So when a bunch of Swedes who used to be all country enter a Romanian national final, you’ve got me on your side. CEJ it is.
CEJ, not surprisingly corresponds with the letters Cotton Eye Joe: The name of the 1994 single by Rednex. Some former members of Rednex entered national finals in the past and now they appeared in Romania with a rather inoffensive ballad, We Were In Love. It ended with just ten points in sixth during the national final (behind some abysmal songs, it has to be said), but I think it’s sweet and pleasant to listen to. Ok, there is some vocal work required in some places, but all in all, I’m quite a big fan of this.

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