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Should’ve Known Better – Part 1

Anna Tatangelo – Libera

The big televoting winner. The public’s choice. The people’s number one. All of those titles would apply to Italy. But they still lost and they could’ve seen it coming. How? During the Sanremo Music Festival in February, the public went wild for Il Volo, but the juries were never too fond of the popera trio. Il Volo were only fifth with juries during the second night (where they were all introduced to the public). The expert jury then once again put them in fifth on the fourth night, followed by a fourth place on the final night. Juries just weren’t that fond of the old-fashioned Grande Amore.
It’s a fact that women generally do better in the Eurovision Song Contest. Ok, granted 2015 was the exception with Måns Zelmerlöw, Loïc Nottet, Il Volo and Guy Sebastian all making the top five. Still, there’s not a lot that could top an Italian ballad by a female singer. Sadly, the highest scoring of the women, Malika Ayane, didn’t have her highlight during Sanremo. She’s done far better songs, so the search goes on. Who would’ve been perfect for Italy?
Anna Tatangelo is my answer. I’ve been a fan of her music for ages and she’s been off track for a while with songs that… well didn’t do her justice at all. She’s got the sad label to her of being a gold digger after hooking up with the much older, much less attractive Gigi D’Alessio and that’s when Italy sort of stopped liking her. And that showed in 2015. She got knocked out as one of the first artists during Sanremo, despite having one of the best songs in the entire competition. It’s a great ballad by Italian numbers, with a perfect hook, a perfect voice and just a terribly awesome performer. This woman screams style and perfection.

We’ll continue this series later this week when Nathan talks us through his first few countries. For now, let us know what you think about these choices below! Am I just horribly wrong? I’d be happy to find out what you think!

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