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Should’ve Known Better – Part 5

Jana Šušteršic – Glas Srca

‘Here For You’ was a perfectly solid entry, and the general consensus seems to be that it underperformed in the results. I agree with that sentiment, but there were still other potential Slovenian entries I’d rather have seen get the ticket, in particular this banger from Jana Šuštaršič.

Where ‘Here For You’ was made to be appealing to young people and older people and offensive to nobody, this one is aimed squarely at the Eurogays who love their key-changes (of which I am one). Jana has bags of attitude to rival even Maja Keuc, and certainly gives it stacks for the whole three minutes. I would say that if she toned it down a little and gave the performance a bit more polish she could have done well, but then the constant risk of her falling over is part of what makes this one fun for me.

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