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Should’ve Known Better – Part 5

Christabelle – Rush

This year’s Maltese selection is kind of the opposite to the Norwegian one for me, in that I didn’t particularly like the final choice, but then there was nothing in the selection I would rather have had instead, apart from wanting anything to have been the entry that wouldn’t have resulted in all the ludicrous ‘Warrior’ comparisons and rivalries.

It’s hard to make a judgement as the songs in MESC are all in early stages of production and would have been subject to fairly thorough overhauls whatever had been chosen, but I think I would go with ‘Rush’ because it’s fun, energetic, and a refreshing change to the middle-of-the-road rut Malta seems to have found itself slipping into. It’s about time Malta made a comeback to the Euroclub playlist, and this would have accomplished that.

So do you agree with my choices? Would any of these songs have done better than their counterparts who did make the cut? Make sure to let us know, and watch out for the final installment of this series coming later this week from Nathan!

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