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What should SVT bring back from 2013?

Hosting the contest two times a few years apart has not happened that often in the Eurovision Song Contest. The last time it was Ireland, covering the 90s with some celtic flavour – and before that the elegance of the BBC productions during the 70s.
But as everyone knows, this is an unpredictable contest. And after just three years SVT will welcome us back to Sweden.
Only a few details are known: Globen in Stockholm will be the venue, Tele2 Arena will play some part in the contest (no further comments have been released on this) and Sanna Nielsen is most probably out of the race for hosting the show (as she will be the new host of Allsång på Skansen).
But September is coming, children are going back to school and SVT will start planning the 61st contest. Here are a few things from the 2013 that could be nice to see back in 2016.

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