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10 reasons to have Turkey back at Eurovision.

The news came in in February, but it still doesn’t feel real – and there are still doubt it will happen. But Turkey is expected to make their comeback in 2016! The deadline for applying to next year’s contest is a few days away and the confirmation of the news will come soon, but we want to be sure TRT makes the right choice. So here is a list of compelling reasons why we need Turkey back.

1. They know what musical variety is

Pop folk, rock, dance, alternative… Turkey has covered many different sounds during the years. They are not afraid of sending something that sounds different or that doesn’t represent the general public cliché about a Eurovision song. And we are thankful for this.

2. They are not afraid to whip out the Turkish language

Everyone loves a good song in a national language – or at least: Eurovision fans LOVE to hear songs that are not in English. And Turkey has done it even sort of recently. Will they do it again in 2016? Let’s hope so!

3. Sertab Erener

She could sing, she could dance. Do you really want more from her? But anyway, it just shows how good they can go!

4. They know how to use props

Robots, pyros, power saws… but also: girls in cages, long veils, a ship made of clothes, what haven’t we see on stage? Still, the important thing is that Turkey knows how to use it without really overdoing it. And it pays off, it seems!

5. They don’t always qualify

Ok, it happened just once, but in the last 7 months I heard already too many people going “oh, if Turkey is back is a sure qualifier – and a lost place for those small countries who deserve it more”. Well, Turkey works for its qualification – and the time that they overdid it and brought a quite weird and not so professional act on stage, they have been punished.

6. They gave us unforgettable moments

Do you remember when in 1983 they just sang something that had the word “Opera” more than 20 times in it? Or the time that they went all fringe-y and dance-y in 1987 scoring a nul points? I am still seeking vengeance for the 1987 result, so let’s do this for Seyyal!

7. Gorgeous people singing

Ok, not everything around the Turkish entries is about good looking people dancing. But sometime – it is. And it could be either sensual dancing as much as guys flirting with the camera. And they know how to nail it.

8. If needed, they can become divas

And not in the “I’m not going to show up at the press conference and I will be probably throw a fit after the final” divas. More of a “I know how to walk the stage, love me” diva.

9. They can bring countries together through their music

Music with a message is not news at Eurovision. But bringing countries which relationships have been a bit cold is an achievement. So let’s enjoy Koza Mostra from Greece singing For Real from Turkey.
(Sorry for the video quality – they haven’t recorded a studio version of this cover yet)

10. It’s Eurovision!

And because it’s Eurovision EVERYONE is invited. Not having Turkey in the contest is like not having a very important friend at your birthday party. Yes, it is a rather expensive party: but it’s worth it!

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