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What’s next for the United Kingdom?

Every May a question arises from Europe: how can a nation that has won 5 times and placed second 15 times end up in the right hand side of the scoreboard?
After Jessica Garlick coming third in 2002, the United Kingdom has seen the bottom of the Eurovision chart almost every year. Is it right to blame the arrival of the eastern countries, as British journalists like to do? Or is it the fact that they are direct qualifiers, so people are uninterested in voting for them, as others point out?
Seeing that no eastern country has won since 2011 (and before that: 2008) and that one of the Big 5 has won only 5 years ago, clearly it’s time to blame something else.
Yesterday’s news gave us the confirmation that the BBC knows that something needs to be revised, so here are a few things that must be changed in order to bring back the Empire to the top.

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