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Xtra’s pick of the 70s

Welcome back to our series in which we delve into the Eurovision archive and one of our editors picks out a song of a different era each day. Today, it’s Wivian‘s turn, and she’s bringing you a song from the 70s.

United Kingdom 1975: The Shadows – Let Me Be The One (2nd place)

I was at a bit of a loss when I realized that I would have to pick a song from the 70s this week; the only thing I knew was that it would have to be a UK entry. To me, the 70s is the best decade in the history of Eurovision for the UK, by far. It was actually quite hard picking just one!
So I had to find something apart from the songs themselves that could help me decide, and one thing I’ve always found kind of entertaining is that Eurovision songs are being used in commercials all over the world. And of course; Norway is no exception. I really love the fact that Eurovision songs take on a life of their own outside of the contest.
I do have to admit, though, that it was quite the shock the first time I heard ‘Let Me Be the One’ on Norwegian TV, in a commercial for…canned mackerel!?!

Photo; stabburet
Photo; stabburet
Now though, I find myself humming it every time I see a can of the horrible stuff (No, I still don‘t eat anything that used to swim…), but worse; I also think of mackerel in tomato sauce whenever I hear ‘Let Me Be the One’. Surprisingly and amazingly, it hasn’t taken away the joy this song makes me feel every time I listen to it.
I’ve looked everywhere for the commercial so I could share it with you, but it seems to have disappeared from the interwebthingy… I have even sent an email to the company, so if I do hear back, and they have it, I will share it later!

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