London Eurovision Party

Destiny brings Not My Soul to the London Eurovision Party

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 champion, Destiny Chukunyere from Malta, is bringing her up-tempo soul pop track “Not My Soul” to the London Eurovision Party as a special guest!
Destiny Chukunyere - Malta JESC 2015 / London Eurovision Party 2016
Aged just 13, her musical achievements are numerous with last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest crown in Sofia, Bulgaria just the cherry on top of the cake.
In the past two years, Destiny has won the Next Generation Singing Competition 2015 on Sky Italia, San Remo Jr in 2014, Asterisks International Children’s Festival 2014 in Macedonia and the Singer Stage International Festival 2014 in Malta.
She was even awarded the Medal of the Republic of Malta, by the President nonetheless, for winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
Destiny’s musical influences include Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson… some of which you can find in her winning performance from Sofia, Bulgaria last autumn.
You can watch Destiny’s winning performance of “Not My Soul” below:


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