London Eurovision Party

You'll be sorry if you miss this… Frans is coming to London!

The host nation selected Frans with his mid-tempo pop song “If I Were Sorry” and now, we will get to see him perform the defending nation’s song at the Café de Paris for the London Eurovision Party!
Frans Jeppson Wall was born on December 19, 1998 in Ystad. He first gained recognition during the 2006 FIFA World Cup when he released his now famed tribute track paying homage to Zlatan Ibrahimović, all at the tender age of seven years old. The song, named “Who’s Da Man”, became a phenomenon and Frans was soon crowned “Zlatan-Frans” with and by the Swedish people.
This year, 10 years since his original epic homage to Zlatan, Frans is now making an explosive comeback thanks to Melodifestivalen 2016 with his new track “If I Were Sorry”. The track is co-written by Fredrik Andersson, Michael Saxell, Oscar Fogelström and Frans himself.
Frans performed the song in Gävle during the fourth and last semi-final making it directly to the big final at the Friends Arena, Stockholm on March 12th.
The single was released immediately after the performance and ascended quickly on the charts. The song has been top of the Swedish Spotify chart, number 1 on the Swedish National single sales chart and the track has been streamed more than 7.8 million times!

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