Lisbon 2018

Joy & Linnea Deb WILL join Saara Aalto in Lisbon!

On Sunday, we reported that YLE had refused to pay travel costs for the songwriters of this year’s entry ‘Monsters’, causing a rift between the broadcaster and its writers. Since then, progress has been made! Indeed, the broadcaster issued an updated statement today.

YLE’s decision makes headlines worldwide

According to YLE, the list of those who make up the delegation was not a decision made entirely by them. Instead, they cite the record company as having a major input into who travels to Lisbon.
In response to the statement, Linnea Deb made it clear that both herself and Joy would likely ‘not work with YLE again’,  expressing that they feel catapulted out of something that was based on their own work.

The news was quickly picked up by international outlets, including Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

‘All Aboard!’

Today, the producer for Eurovision at YLE, Anssi Autio, issued an official statement. This statement confirms that Linnea Deb, Joy and Ki Fitzgerald would be travelling to Lisbon after all.

I regret that myself neither YLE were clear on this. Saara has always emphasised that it is important for her that just the right people are with her in Lisbon. I totally agree with her on this.
The organisers of Eurovision have strict limits on how many members a country’s delegation can consist of. Due to this set number, Finland was not including the songwriters in the delegation.
I am glad that we decided to find a solution and I regret yesterday’s statements that made it seem that Saara’s management’s presence in Lisbon would have been the reason why the songwriters would not be joining her.

Eurovision Wonderland

With just under two weeks to go until their first rehearsal at the Altice Arena, the promotion bandwagon is well and truly underway at team Finland.
Saara has already performed at two of the biggest pre-parties, The London Eurovision Party and Eurovision in Concert. Indeed, this gave local fans a taste of what she plans to bring to the Eurovision stage on 8th May.
Next week she headlines her very own farewell gig in London. Joining her as special guests are Matt Terry and this year’s Irish representative, Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

So, are you pleased by the outcome of this saga? Furthermore, are you going to see Saara at her Eurovision Wonderland concert? Let us know @ESCXTRA!

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