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Christabelle speaks to ESCXTRA: “The song Taboo is all about breaking the taboo of mental illness” (Interview)

We caught up with Christabelle during the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam  last weekend and had a bit of a chat about her song and the message behind it. 

The always lovely Christabelle has been on a busy schedule lately, continuing to break taboos and spreading the message of her song all across Europe, but thankfully she still had enough time to talk to us and share a  few details about her song, the special recognition she recently received and her hopes for Lisbon.

A song with a message

She is not just here to dance on stage to some hot G:son rhythms, Christabelle has an important message to spread with her song:

The song Taboo is all about breaking the taboo of mental illness. And for all those people that are suffering from some problems: seek help. Because help is out there and if you look for it, you will find it and things will get better.

Those are not just mere words, for Christabelle received a special recognition, becoming an ambassador for the Maltese President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. Naturally, she feels that this is a huge responsibility as she tries to work with organisations that help people in need.

A very personal song

This wasn’t Christabelle’s first time taking part of the Maltese national final, but Taboo is the song that finally got her the victory and she was more than happy to share what makes the song so personal to her:

It is definitely the most personal for the reason that I co-wrote the lyrics alongside Muxu, who is a two-time Junior Eurovision winner.

Of course she liked her old entries quite a lot too, but she feels that everything happens for a reason and had she won earlier, Taboo might not have even been wriiten.

Plans for Eurovision?

When it came to her plans for Lisbon, Christabelle preferred to keep us in suspense:

It’s an enhanced version of what we had in Malta. However, I have to keep in mind what’s happening with the stage in Lisbon. So you have to watch semi-final two for song number 12 and hopefully you like my entry and you can vote for me too.

And we are sure plenty will! We wish Christabelle the best of luck in Lisbon. You can check out the interview for yourself down below:

And for a quick reminder, here is Christabelle’s emotional Eurovision in Concert performance.

Are you excited to see Malta in semi-final two? Where is “Taboo” in your rankings? Are you following Christabelle on social media yet? 

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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