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Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening: This should be like a girl power song (Interview)

San Marino’s representatives Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening were present at last weekend’s Eurovision in Concert. Luckily, ESCXTRA got an opportunity to talk to them!


First of all, seeing as the act was formed for Eurovision, we wanted to know how they were getting along. Unsurprisingly, Jessika said that they were like family, and that they’ve been getting to know each other a lot.
On the subject of what’s in store for their performance in Lisbon, they couldn’t share much. However, Jenifer revealed that the performance will be technical, and they will keep it futuristic and modern even without LEDs on stage.
When talking about the meaning behind “Who We Are”, Jenifer mentioned how she’s been through bullying in school and she wants the song to send a message that we should be kind. Furthermore, she says that those who have been through bad times should rise up and be proud and appreciative of who they are.
On a lighter note, Jessika and Jenifer talked about their favorites in this year’s contest. They both agree that their tastes are different, but that’s what makes Eurovision so good. As a result, their favorite entries this year differs quite a bit. Among the songs mentioned were “Lost & Found” from Macedonia and “Toy” from Israel. Check out the rest of their favorites in the full interview!

Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening’s performance at Eurovision in Concert

Are you looking forward to seeing their performance in Lisbon? Can you relate to “Who We Are”?
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