QUIZ: How similar are OGAE’s Eurovision musical tastes to yours?

When it comes to April, it is the annual OGAE Eurovision poll that many Eurovision fans keep an eye on to pass the wait until rehearsals get underway. Nevertheless, there is somewhat of a stigma around the OGAE poll in that it only represents a niche within the Eurovision fanbase. Therefore, we’ve devised a quiz so that you can find out whether your Eurovision tastes match those of the OGAE fandom!

Take our simple quiz!

For each contest since 2007, we’ve selected five entries. Some were loved by OGAE poll voters and some were not! Simply choose your personal favourite from our selection of entries in each contest. Then, our supercomputer will work out just how similar your favourite Eurovision entries are to that of the annual OGAE poll results!
[wp_quiz id=”88818″]

Now you’ve taken the quiz, if you are curious as to what the OGAE poll results looked like for the past eleven years, read the article below!
What results did you get? Make sure you share your result and tag us @ESCXTRA!

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