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Reactception! Ieva Zasimauskaitė reacts to reactions and reviews of her own entry

For better or worse, reaction videos have taken over YouTube. Seems like everyone and their mother (and grandmother) are ready to turn on the camera and film themselves reacting to Eurovision songs. But what if the person being reacted to…decides to react to the reaction? Yeah, that sentence stopped making sense somewhere in the middle there, but you get the point.

That is EXACTLY what the ALWAYS charming Ieva Zasimauskaitė decided to do in a brand new video. A 19 minute long adorable reaction to various other reaction videos and reviews of her song “When We’re Old”.

“The music is the most important thing, the message”

Just one of the MANY quotes from Ieva throughout the video. The reactions people had to her song range from elation to disappointment and she handles all of them with the same cheerful and joyful attitude we know and love her for. She even manages to laugh through the criticism she receives and doesn’t take it personally, while getting in a few zingers of her own and continuing to have fun throughout the whole video. But instead of reading this needlessly long description, check out the video for yourself down below (courtesy of

What do you think of the video? Does Ieva handle the reactions well? What if the reactors now react to the reaction of their reaction to OH GOD MY BRAIN HURTS!

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

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