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Fire and wind! Melovin releases music video for “Under the Ladder”

Time to set the piano on fire. Yes! Melovin joins the music video club by releasing…well, a music video for his Eurovision 2018 entry “Under the Ladder” while also revealing a few hot details about the production. 

It’s getting closer and closer to that big day in May, with artists busy rehearsing on stage and getting ready this very moment. But that’s not all Melovin has been doing. No no, melovin has been busy filming his new music video.

It took over twenty hours to film with the producer being Catherina Malaya and the director Taras Golubkov and we’ll just let Melovin introduce it, as he did to the Ukrainian press recently:

I think the viewers will like what they see in the video. There are so many different elements. The music video for “Under the ladder” is almost like a mini-movie with an exciting plot.

Melovin is hopeful people will respond well and hes’ right about the mini-movie part, the video features beautiful visuals, a story of temptation and the most impressive balancing act known to man. He’s also mastered the art of levitation and covering a room in plastic wrap.

Anyone to keep him company?

Fear not, Melovin is NOT dancing underneath the ladder alone. Adding even more heat to the video is Julia Gershun – Topmodel of the World 2017 and the president of charitable foundation «Gifted children development». She is a pretty important character in the video and was discovered during a talent scouting process as Melovin explains:

We searched for the perfect heroine for a long time. We need a personality that could play this role. Julia is very beautiful. She is the personification of temptation. Was I tempted? You will see in the video.

How much sand can one’s eyes endure?

Just one look at the video would make you believe that filming it wasn’t an easy time for anyone and Melovin confirms that:

We have literally brought a hurricane to the filming area. It was very hard to work because of the powerful wind and dust blowing in your face and eyes. I’m afraid to even imagine how much of it is in my or the film crews lungs. There are also a few dangerous tricks.

Fire, ladders, danger and wind. What more could one ask for?

You know how this works. Tell us what you think of the video. Is the song even better now? Are you hoping to get yourself a wind machine for the upcoming hot hot summer?  Any tips of how to get sand out of your lungs?

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