Lisbon 2018

Big Five draw halves for the Eurovision final

After finishing their second Eurovision rehearsals in Lisbon, the acts representing the automatic finalists got to test their luck and draw in which half they will perform their entries.

Interestingly enough, five out of six finalists drew the first half of the show, while Italy was lucky enough to be the only country to draw the second half so far.

Good news for the semi final qualifiers

Us, the Eurovision fans have all seen those press conferences where the winners of the semi finals get to determine their fortune by getting to draw their fortune for Saturday’s show.

However, based on how things went down today in the press center it seems that they can take a breather cause they have better odds to draw the favorable half of the show. With five acts being allocated in the first half of the show, that leaves only eight slots for the qualifiers, while the second half only sees Italy and we have twelve more available numbers for the qualifiers.

The Draw

Back at the Head of Delegation meeting in March, Portugal already drew their number. Czech Head of Delegation Jan Bors was responsible for the drawing of the ballot. Cláudia Pascoal will sing in 8th in the Grand Final, making it five automatic qualifiers in the first half.
SuRie will wave the UK flag in the first half of the show as well. Spain’s Alfred and Amaia, as well as Germany’s Michael Schulte will join her.

The French due, Madame Monsieur, drew the first half as a starting position for the final evening of the contest. Of the automatic qualifiers, only Italy drew a different half. Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro will perform in the second half.

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