Lisbon 2018

Israel win the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Breaking news from Lisbon tonight. Israel have won the Eurovision Song Contest. Netta Barzilai and her song “Toy” won the contest with 529 points. Cyprus and Austria completed the podium.

Stunning voting

The voting during tonight’s show in Lisbon was one to remember for a long time. The jury vote was a race between two surprising contestants: Cesár Sampson from Austria and Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso. Following them were Israel’s Netta and Michael Schulte from Germany. Hot favourites Cyprus were in fifth place.

The televoting then changed it all. Sweden gathered just 21 points from televoting and were out of contention. Austria were also soon out the running, as were Germany. We then ended up with the race many predicted before the contest: Israel versus Cyprus.

After Italy was revealed as the third place in televoting, the hosts created a good amount of suspense. Cyprus finished in second place there. That meant Israel had won the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with 529 points.

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