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Anna Filipchuk to Junior Eurovision 2018 for Russia

Anna Filipchuk and her song “Nepobedimy” chosen from 12 acts

Anna Filipchuk has been chosen to represent Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk, Belarus. She will perform her song “Nepobedimy”. (Invincibile)
13-year-old Anna follows Polina Bogusevich who won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Russia in 2017 with her song “Wings”. However due to the EBU changing how the host country was selected Russia missed out on hosting the contest in 2018, with Belarus winning the opportunity to host the contest.

Results of the national selection final

For the JESC 2018 national selection twelve acts competed on stage at the Artek camp on the Crimean coast. Each of the artists performed a song specifically written for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

  1. Arkadiy Yevtushenko – Ya zdes (I’m here)
  2. Mishel Zadorozhnaya – Podelis mechtoy (Share your dream)
  3. Aleksandra Kirilchuk – Family tree
  4. Yelizaveta Kuklishina – Mechta moya (My dream)
  5. Group Dodostar – Poslushay (Listen)
  6. Evelina Mazurina – Poy dushoy (Sing your soul)
  7. Group Matreshki – Vse mezhdu nami (All between us)
  8. Tatyana Melnichenko – Schastye na ladonyakh (Happiness in the palm of your hands)
  9. Diana Smykova – Barabum
  10. Ivan Starikov – Neutomimyye (Tireless)
  11. Anna Filipchuk – Nepobedimy (Invincible)
  12. Anya Yakubuk – Vselennaya (Universe)

The winner was decided by 50% jury voting and an 50% online public vote. The final result was as follows:

  • Anna Filipchuk – “Nepobedimy (Invincible)” 9,91%
  • Arkadiy Yevtushenko – “Ya zdes (I’m here)” 9,8%
  • Group Dodostar – “Poslushay (Listen)” 9,23 %
  • Ivan Starikov – “Neutomimyye (Tireless)” 9,13%
  • Anya Yakubuk – “Vselennaya (Universe)” 8,755
  • Evelina Mazurina – “Poy dushoy (Sing your soul)” 8,17%
  • Tatyana Melnichenko – “Schastye na ladonyakh (Happiness in the palm of your hands)” 7,80%
  • Aleksandra Kirilchuk – “Family tree” 7,79%
  • Diana Smykova – “Barabum” 7,69%
  • Elizaveta Kuklishina – “Mechta moya (My dream)” 7,60%
  • Group Matreshki – “Vse mezhdu nami (All between us)” 7,31
  • Mishel Zadorozhnaya – “Podelis mechtoy (Share your dream)” 6,64%

The jury was formed of Igor Krutoy, Larisa Dolina, Sergey Lazarev (Russia at Eurovision 2016), Oleg Gazmanov, Nikolai Baskov and Polina Bogusevich (Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 winner).

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