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Daneliya Tuleshova is yet to consider Junior Eurovision 2018

Not long after Kazakhstan was confirmed to be competing at the Junior Eurovision 2018. Which is due to be held in Minsk: Belarus. Young star Daneliya Tuleshova has become the favourite. 

Who is Daneliya Tuleshova?

Daneliya is a 11 year old young Kazakh singer who shot to fame, not in her native Kazakhstan but in Ukraine. This is for the reason that she competed on The Voice Kids: Ukraine. She went on to win the contest. So due to this she already has vital experience of performing on the big stage.

She also won People’s Choice Award at the Junior New Wave 2015 contest, that was held in Crimea.

To Debut or Not to Debut? That is the question.

It was reported that Kazakhstan was to debut at Junior Eurovision in 2018. The spotlight has been centered as to who will take on the task of being the person to sing the inaugural song for their country on the big stage? Early reports are suggesting that the young rising star Daneliya Tuleshova might take on that role.
However there is one big problem to this. It is due to the fact that she has never released original material as was highlighted by her manager Tatyana Sinenko who had this to say to informburo.kz.

The winner of the contest “Voice Kids, Ukraine” in 2017, does not yet consider her participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The young singer has no musical material yet, which would correspond to a competition of this level.

Similarly, like her country. Daneliya would have to debut herself on the big stage alongside her country!
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  1. Hi there – I\’m from Germany and I watch the ESC for over 30 years and the JESC since 2015 but I have never ever heard such a complete voice by a 11 year old girl. Daneliya has everything to shine bright in Minsk – take a look at her youtube channel …..she sings fluently in russian, english, french ….. her vocals are flawless and she is able to act and sing.
    This girl sings songs from SIA, Rihanna, Florence + The Machine in such an ease way, I\’ve never heard before.
    Kazakhstan should be able to spend some money to find a catchy unique powerful song that\’s suits her voice perfectly. Bring her on and let her shine like a diamond. Kazakstan will not be disappointed.

  2. Daneliya is most definitely the best, and right, choice. She already has international standing as an outstanding vocalist and, I believe, is headed for a successful career on the world stage. Daneliya’s coach and manager has a valid point, however.
    In the end Daneliya must feel both comfortable and confident about competing, and this means her being ready to do so, and having original material she is happy to present.
    Whether Daneliya competes this year, or the next, when she does it will most certainly be an performance worth watching and hearing.

  3. Go for it kid! Have your manager and your country give your a new knockout song.
    You got this!!!!!!!!!! From USA

  4. Go for it Daneliya! You are already one of the truly unique talents in the world. I am amazed at how far you\’ve come just since your winning of the VOICE. You will do your Country proud, they will be so proud of you. We all have total faith in you. Best of luck ddear.

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