Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know…. Austria

An Austrian quiz this week, and because they have had a bit more time in the contest, there’s an extra question in this week’s round. More chances for you to show off your knowledge to your friends and fellow Eurovision fanatics!

With some weeks before we begin looking forward to Eurovision 2019, it’s that time in a Eurovision fan’s year to reflect on past years and all the good music and events they brought. And, if we may, some trivia.

So You Think You Know… is a new series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically. Azerbaijan, the land of fire, is next.

Austria first appeared in which edition of the Eurovision Song Contest?

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They debuted at the 2nd contest in 1957, with 'Wohin, kleines Pony?'

Austria of course won recently with Conchita Wurst's Rise Like A Phoenix. They have one other winner, when was this?

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Which of these isn't an English translation of an Austrian entry's title?

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Reise Nach Jerusalem (Kudüs'e seyahat) was a German entry in 1999, though in the previous Jerusalem contest in 1979 Austria sent 'Heute In Jerusalem' (Today in Jerusalem). Tausend Fenster, Venedig im Regen and the infamous Woki Mit Deim Popo are all Austrian entries.

Which song holds the Austria points record?

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Despite Rise Like A Phoenix winning with a respectable haul, the change to the new double system means that Nobody But You gained more points in the Grand Final than any previous Austrian entries. It got 342 to Conchita's 290 though, so it doesn't look too far ahead.

Which of these regional languages or dialects has been represented in at least one Austrian Eurovision entry?

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Styrian was used for Alf Poier's entry in 2003, Voralbergish for George Nussbaumer in 1996, and Trackshittaz used Mühlviertlerisch

What was notable about the performance of The Makemakes' 'I Am Yours'?

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Of course, what was also notable was that it got exactly zero points.

Austria's other winner was 'Merci, Cherie!' by Udo Jurgens. What language was this performed in?

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Despite the French title, 'Merci, Cherie!' is sang in German

Which of these pairs of years in this decade has Austria used a national final for?

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Austria has been very sporadic with their use of national finals, using them, since their return in 2011-2013 and 2015-2016, but opting for internal selection in 2014, 2017 and 2018. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that their best performers have come from internal selections.

Back to Trackshittaz (again), which future Austrian entrant did they narrowly deny an appearance for in 2012?

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For some people this may be an injustice (I personally love Woki Mit Deim Popo for what it is), but Conchita's 'This Is What I Am' finished in a head-to-head runoff with Trackshittaz in a 49-51 split.

What did Conchita proclaim when she won the contest in 2014?

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Who is in recent years most commonly Austria's spokesperson for delivering results?

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Bellowitsch has delivered Austria's votes at all but one year (2016) since their return in 2011

Which country has Austria given the most points to over the years?

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Ireland and Sweden are in 2nd and 3rd place, Germany and France are only 4th and 5th.

What was controversial about Tie Break's Du Bist?

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If you haven’t already played them (or just want to play them again), check out the below links for the So You Think You Know… quizzes from past weeks.




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