Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 31

Christmas is coming!

Well, not quite yet, even though there are only 21 Mondays to go until the holidays! In Iceland, however, the preparations are well under way. As you might know, Icelanders’ feelings towards Eurovision are only rivalled by their feelings towards Christmas. They have an intense, some may say unhealthy, relationship with Christmas music, resulting in for instance “Gente di mare” showing up as a Christmas song. And every year there is this HUGE Christmas concert called “Frostrósir”, where loads of great singers take part. What I’m gonna say next hasn’t at all been confirmed yet, but it seems very likely; Ari will be part of “Frostrósir” this year! Or will he actually play the next 007?

Its offical im going to star as 007 in the next film 🎥 … What a dream it would be tho😍


And based on this photo shoot; Christmas will also bring another couple of familiar faces! Selma captioned this first one “Gleðileg jól” (Merry Christmas)

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