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🇸🇮 Ana Soklič undecided on the language of “Voda” at Eurovision

English or Slovenian for Rotterdam?

After winning EMA last weekend, Ana Soklič has revealed to RTVSLO that she is unsure as to which language to sing her entry, “Voda”, in at Eurovision. The song won the national final in Slovenian.

She will now discuss with her team as to whether the language of “Voda” should be changed ahead of the contest in Rotterdam. With the Head of Delegation meeting and the song submission deadline just over a week away, the decision will have to be made soon.

The song was originally in English

Even though Ana has revealed that singing in Slovenian means the most to her, she revealed that the song was originally written in English. She made the decision to translate the song into Slovenian for EMA as she felt it would reach more people.

Slovenian is a wonderful language to be nurtured

– Ana Soklič, talking to RTVSLO (translated from Slovenian)

She will make a decision with her team whether to sing “Voda” in Slovenian or English at the contest. Nevertheless, Ana is already looking forward to her performance in Rotterdam, but has revealed she has work to be done to make sure the performance is the best it can be.

I really hope everything goes well. Each of these performances is made up of several factors. It is important for the team and the performance to fall out as a whole, to breathe as a whole

– Ana Soklič, talking to RTVSLO (translated from Slovenian)

A surprise win!

Ana also revealed she was very surprised that she won the EMA national final:

I wanted to present my song because there are few opportunities to present your own work. After all, EMA is an event that is watched and listened to by many people, it is a great starting point for presenting my own creation and in this way then there are possibilities for further development… Sometimes it is necessary to give up thinking too much, to let things happen naturally.

– Ana Soklič, talking to RTVSLO (translated from Slovenian)

She won the Slovenian national final last Saturday, beating Lina Kuduzović’s “Man Like U” in the superfinal. Ana gained 53.54% of the votes (5,035 votes) while Lina only recieved 46.46% of the vote (4,369 votes).

Do you think “Voda” should be kept in Slovenian for Eurovision? Do you think its original English version would get more votes in Rotterdam?

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