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🇮🇪 The music video for Lesley Roy’s “Story Of My Life” out now

A massive dance party!

After getting its first play on the RTÉ 2FM, the music video for Lesley Roy’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Story Of My Life” got released on YouTube.

Watch the music video

The music video was directed by Dublin-based writer and director Kate Dolan. Lesley says that Kate was able to capture what she wanted to create in the song when writing it.

The music video was so fun to shoot. Kate Dolan totally came up with a treatment that would work in showing the triumphant energy that here we are shining bright and ready to have fun. It completely captures what I wanted to create in the song. Kate understood that it wasn’t supposed to show people being angry or sad, but show that we can and we will defy them, rise up and throw a massive dance party to celebrate!

Lesley Roy on the music video

Lesley has written the song herself together with Robert Marvin, Catt Gravitt and Tom Shapiro. The song was written in the music city Nashville.

Lesley was confirmed as Ireland’s act for Eurovision Song Contest earlier today. Ireland will compete in the first semifinal of the contest in Rotterdam. Lesley will perform her entry on the first half of the show.

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