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🇸🇪 Melodifestivalen 2020 final to go ahead with an audience

The decision may potentially be subject to change

After the news broke that Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will proceed without an audience due to COVID-19. SVT has confirmed to Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet that the show will proceed with an audience

‘At present, we will run the shows with the public’

As soon as the news that Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will be held without an audience, Aftonbladet reported that SVT, along with organisers Live Nation Sweden held an emergency meeting, to discuss if the shows will proceed as planned.

The shows in question, are the Jury Show, in which the International Jury cast their votes, the Family Show at Saturday Afternoon, and the live broadcast on Saturday evening. Each show can attract up to 30,000 spectators.

‘Potentially Subject to Change’

Whilst confirming that the shows will proceed as normal, Camilla Hagert (SVT’s Press Manager) has confirmed that if the Swedish government comes out with a directive, to not proceed with the show, they will conform.

If they were to come out with a directive and recommend us not to have a big event, then of course we have to relate to it. But we keep up to date with experts all the time and will be meeting continuously

Camilla Hagert speaking to Aftonbladet about Melodifestivalen’s show being subject to change. (Translated)

This will not be the first time that SVT, has had to keep things in check, when it comes to COVID19. Recently, it was announced that Sweden, along with Israel will not be attending the Heads of Delegation meeting next week in Rotterdam.

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