Eurovision 2020πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Netherlands

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± The Netherlands to perform 23rd in the grand final

The position was drawn today

Today at the meeting for Heads of Delegation, the running order position was drawn for the host country The Netherlands. Jeangu Macrooy will perform as the 23rd act at the grand final.

The complete running order for the semifinals will be decided later by the producers of the contest, but to make it fair, the host country had to randomly draw their running position on the final.

The Netherlands will be represented by Jeangu Macrooy and his song “Grow“. The artist and his song were internally chosen by the broadcaster.

History of the host entries

Over the past years, the entries by the host countries haven’t done that well in the contest. Last year Israel was drawn to perform 14th in the grand final and Kobi Marimi finished 23rd out of 26 contestants.

In Lisbon, Portugal was represented by Cláudia Pascoal, who finished last with her song “O jardim”. When Ukraine hosted the contest in 2017, they were represented by the rock band O.Torvald. The song “Time” finished 24th out of 26 contestants in the final.

In 2016 (Sweden) and 2014 (Denmark) the host country finished in the top ten but in 2015, Austria’s The Makemakes got nul points and finished on the joint last place with Germany.

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