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🇷🇴 Roxen to represent Romania at Eurovision 2021

The decision made between TVR and Global Records

The Romanian broadcaster TVR has confirmed that Roxen will represent the country in 2021. She was selected to represent Romania in 2020 with the song “Alcohol You” but the contest was cancelled.

The decision was made between TVR and their partner, the record label Global Records.

TVR waited for the official confirmation from organisers regarding the possibility to support the artist already selected for this year’s competition, then discussed the current situation with Global Records and reached the decision to maintain Roxen as Romania’s representative at ESC2021. Under the current complicated circumstances, we will put to good use the resources invested for organising the 2020 National Selection and we will also honour the vote of confidence that Roxen has already received.

Head of Delegation Liana Stanciu

The head of Romanian delegation, Liana Stanciu, believes that Roxen can impress Europe with her attitude, vocal qualities and stage presence. She is certain that they can find another song that will be loved as much as “Alcohol You”.

Roxen says she is excited to get to represent Romania in Eurovision Song Contest 2021, but also continues to promote “Alcohol You”.

I received the good news with a lot of excitement and emotion and I want to thank everybody for their trust. I already know how much dedication and work this project involves, so I am ready to start again my preparations as soon as possible in order to represent Romania the best that I can at ESC 2021. I am sorry the rules will not allow me to perform “Alcohol You”, a song I truly love. I will continue to sing it every time I will have the opportunity. I can hardly wait for us to get back to work and to produce the best song for ESC 2021.


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