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🇸🇪 P4 Nästa Final to take place in September 12

The final will take place later than usual

We usually do not find out the participants for next year’s Melodifestivalen until later this year. However, recently we find out the first participant of the next edition via P4 Nästa, which takes place at the end of the summer.

Sveriges Radio (the organisers of P4 Nästa) has confirmed that the final for this year will take place on September 12; which is later than usual on the previous editions.

Local Finals already taking place

The local finals for P4 Nästa is already taking all over Sweden, and the schedule are as follows:

May 20: P4 Skaraborg
May 22: P4 Jämtland
May 26: P4 Uppland
May 28: P4 Halland
May 28: P4 Jönköping
May 28: P4 Västernorrland
May 29: P4 Malmöhus
May 29:  P4 Sörmland
June 1: P4 Kalmar
June 4: P4 Kristianstad
June 4: P4 Örebro
June 5: P4 Dalarna
June 5: P4 Kronoberg
June 5: P4 Stockholm
June 5: P4 Värmland
June 5 P4 Östergötland
June 5: P4 West
June 10: P4 Gothenburg
June 10:P4 Norrbotten
June 12: P4 Gävleborg
June 12: P4 Sjuhärad
June 17: P4 Västerbotten
June 17: P4 Gotland
June 26: P4 Västmanland
July 17: P4 Blekinge

You are able to read the rules for this year’s competition by clicking right here.

P4 Nästa participants at Melodifestivalen

The participants from P4 Nästa has not always translated into a great result heading into the Melodifestivalen competition. The recent results of those selected are as follows:

  • 2016 – Smilo – Weight of the World – 5th
  • 2017 – Les Gordons – Bound to Fall – 6th
  • 2018 – Stiko Per Larsson – Titta vi Flyger – 6th
  • 2019 – The Lovers of Valdaro – Somebody Wants – 7th

In 2019, Amansa Aasa won the ticket to participate in Melodifestivalen 2020; when she won the 2019 edition of P4 Nästa, which saw her compete with seven other acts. During her stint in Melodifestivalen, she unfortunately failed to advance from her Semi-Final; and placed 6th.

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