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🇳🇱 Eurovision 2021 dates to be announced tomorrow!

Dutch press agency ANP has announced that the dates of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be revealed tomorrow. Several Dutch media outlets have published the news on their website. An Ahoy spokesperson has now also confirmed the date reveal for 15th June.

Let’s make a date of it!

Since the announcement that Rotterdam will indeed be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest after all, the dates have been a mystery. You could therefore say it’s the piece of news that every Eurofan has been itching to know. The waiting will now come to an end, as we will find out the all important dates tomorrow. That will also be the start of booking hotels and the plethora of methods of transportant you can think of: By plane, by train or perhaps you can just take your car.

Media in the Netherlands are suggesting NPO, Avrotros and NOS are looking at either the second or third week of May 2021. Scheduling grand Saturday evening entertainment is never easy, as you’re dealing with things like the UEFA Champions League final, the German DFB Pokal final and other factors. Those may include tourist activity and other events in the region, such as a Formula 1 race on Circuit Park Zandvoort, or scheduled concerts and events at Ahoy. The korfball final has already announced to happily move to a different venue in case Eurovision requires so. That final is now scheduled for 10th April at Ahoy Rotterdam.

Second time lucky?

As we all know, Rotterdam was already supposed to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. Plans were made for a grand Ahoy show before the Covid-19 outbreak prevented any major events from happening, which inevitably also led to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020. During Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, the replacement show on 16th May, EBU confirmed Rotterdam as their host city for 2021.

More confirmation that things will stay the same is expected soon. Aside from the host city, the venue and the slogan, the hosts are also expected to stay. Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit will all get their moment in the Eurovision spotlight in 2021, as well as many of the selected 2020 artists.

Representing the Netherlands on home soil will be Jeangu Macrooy. The singer, who originates from Suriname, was internally selected for both 2020 and 2021.

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