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🇧🇾 Naviband release new single ‘Inšymi’

They broke the hearts of Eurovision fans everywhere by ruling out a return to Eurovision. However, the 2017 Belarusian representatives Naviband now have something for fans to celebrate! The duo kicked off July with a bang by releasing a new single titled Inšymi.

A political message?

The band explain the meaning behind their single on their Facebook page. They also hint at the message behind it, citing a possible political theme. Colour me intrigued!

Where can I listen to it?

Don’t worry dear reader, we have you covered! The song is currently available on these platforms:



Naviband at Eurovision 2017

After winning the Belarusian national final in January 2017, Naviband earned the right to represent Belarus in the 2017 Eurovision song contest held in Kiev, Ukraine. Their song ‘Historyja majho zyccia/Story of my life is noteworthy for being the first Belarusian entry to be performed in the Belarusian language. Impressing both the jurors and televoters, they qualified in 9th place for the grand final, where they managed a respectable 17th place.

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