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🇪🇪 Syn Cole teams up with Victor Crone on new single ‘Catch’

It’s the calm after the storm. A chance to catch some sunshine and some hot new music releases. Don’t be alarmed, this article isn’t about Waylon. I’m referring to the storm that happened on the Eurovision stage last year. The cause of it? Victor Crone! He has now united once again with Syn Cole on a fresh new summer bop called ‘Catch’.

Take the title of the track, add a “Y” to the end of it and you can spell out “Catchy”. That right there is the perfect word to use when describing this hot new track. String instruments unite with EDM beats and Victor Crone’s raspy voice to fill the upcoming weeks with some good summer vibes. You can catch the song on spotify:

Or you can check out the YouTube video down below:

When Victor Crone stormed the stage

A little over a year ago, a storm was brewing on the Eurovision stage thanks to a man in a leather jacket spinning in front of a green screen. Yes, with the help of Stig Rästa, Victor Crone landed safe and sound in the final, where he managed to cause a storm so big that it even blew the camera man away in the middle of the song! Strap in and experience it all over again down below:

What are your thoughts on ‘Catch’? Is it as good as Victor Crone’s last collaboration with Syn Cole? What’s the catch here?

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