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🇨🇿 Mikolas Josef dropped his new single “Lalalalalalalalalala”

Mikolas Josef released his massive comeback single!

Czech 2018 representative, Mikolas Josef, is back with his brand new single called “Lalalalalalalalalala”. The release marks his first release of the year and since his single “Colorado” back in 2019. The single is inspired by overcoming anxiety Mikolas was struggling with which led him to leave social media for a while at the beginning of 2020. “Lalalalalalalalalala” is written by Mikolas himself together with Cristiano Cesario & Marco Quisisana.

“F*ck your lalalalalalalalalala”

The single is a response to the current tough times and follows Mikolas´ recent statement. It talks about insincere relationships (fake love), rejecting the false world of social media, helplessness, and the difficult situation for artists at a time when their entire existence is at stake and there are no actual resolutions coming their way. The red sign „STREAMUJ“ across the bloody cover encourages people to stream.

As Mikolas explains, „at a time when we need to adapt and stop performing live, it makes sense to open up the topic of illegal downloading of music, music videos but also movies and thus support the perception of art value. At a regular store, I would also pay for whatever I am buying“

… According to Mikolas, at this time it is essential to learn to look for the music on legal digital music services and perceive it as a product created at a certain cost.

There is a big huge campaign in Prague. Picture below:

“Lalalalalalalalalala” will come out in 4 different versions including an acoustic release. The whole release will take over a month treating the fans with new versions every week. Furthermore, new merch collection designed by Mikolas and Diana Gan drops on the same day of the release.

The music video is set to come out ten days after the song premiere on October 19th. Fans can also look forward to Mikolas’ song on TikTok as well as a short documentary about his comeback coming in the next weeks.

Listen to Mikolas’ new single below:

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Mikolas Josef in the Eurovision Song Contest

Mikolas represented the Czech Republic in 2018 with his hit song “Lie To Me”. He finished in sixth place in the Grand Final of Lisbon and reached the highest place for the country in the contest to date!

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