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πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ JESC countdown: how are things going with Ksenia Sitnik?

Earlier in this countdown series we talked about Maria Isabel. Now it’s time to check on Ksenia Sitnik, the JESC 2005 winner from Belarus!

Hasselt 2005: throwback

The 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Hasselt, Belgium on Saturday 26 November.

16 countries took part in Junior Eurovision in 2005. That year Russia made its debut alongside Serbia & Montenegro, however Cyprus, France, Poland and Switzerland decided to skip the contest. Spain’s 2004 winner, María Isabel, performed during the interval.

Belarus won the Junior Eurovision for the first time with “Мы вместе” (My vmeste / We Are Together) performed by Ksenia Sitnik. The voting process was very exciting. Most of the time Spain was leading, until Belarus finally took the trophy.

Life after the Junior Eurovision

A year after the JESC victory, on November 26, 2006, Ksenia released her debut album named just as her winning entry: “Мы вместе” (My vmeste / We Are Together).

In December 2005 Ksenia got a lead role in a special winter musical “Starry Night 2006”. In 2006 she released her first music video for the song “Маленький кораблик” (Malenky korablik / A Little Ship). Later it was followed by other music videos for songs “Простая песенка” (Prostaya pesenka / A Simple Little Song) and “Нон-стоп” (Non-stop)

For several years Ksenia had been hosting a TV-show for kids called “Наша пятёрочка” (Our Little Top 5), where kids and teens all over the country could send their music videos to be shown and rated among others. The Belarusian TV channel LAD broadcasted the show until its closing in May 2009.

On May 15, 2010 Ksenia celebrated her 15th birthday and her second album “Республика Ксения” (Ksenia Republic) release.

What is Ksenia up to now?

As the years went by, Ksenia decided to change the life path. She got her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Anglo-American University in Prague.

This was a quite spontaneous decision to study in Prague but it’s important to me to be out of home, to leave my comfort zone.

Ksenia Sitnik for onliner.by

Even though Ksenia is not a full-time vocalist anymore, she claimed she would never stop singing.

During my university studies I realised that music is a real part of me. Probably, it would not be the main activity in my life but I will never stop singing.

Ksenia Sitnik for onliner.by

In 2018 she also applied to become one of Junior Eurovision hosts in Minsk, however, she wasn’t chosen that year.

Nowadays Ksenia founded a wedding studio and also works as a freelance fashion journalist. She also shares a lot of her own poems and music covers on her Instagram page, so you can always check the updates!


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