Our #ESC250 2020 votes – Part 5 – Tom R

Has lockdown got Tom 'thinking about things'?

With the announcement of this year’s Eurovision Top 250 results shortly, we really want to tell you all who our all time Eurovision favourites are.

In this series, our editors will be looking closely at their Top 3 entries (the ones that got 8, 10 and 12 points) and will also provide their honorable mention (a song they really like, but did not make their ESC250 list).

Today, it is Tom R’s turn to let you know who they voted for in this year’s edition of #ESC250.

Tom R: A Nordic platter with a sprinkling of guests

Every year when I sit down at my computer to decide on which ten songs to vote for in #ESC250, I always find myself stuck, not knowing which songs to choose. The problem is over the years there have been just too many amazing songs in Eurovision and I always feel mean choosing just TEN!

This year, a new song tops my list. It’s unlike me to place an entry straight in at number one, but my top spot this year is filled by the most perfect, complete package that Eurovision has ever seen. The other nine songs span an eclectic mix of genres, with entries from across the continent. So, which songs did I vote for?

Here are the first part of my votes:

  1. Ruth Jacott – “Vrede” (The Netherlands 1993)
  2. Annie Cotton – “Moi, tout simplement” (Switzerland 1993)
  3. Imaani – “Where Are You?” (United Kingdom 1998)
  4. Stjórnin – “Eitt lag enn” (Iceland 1990)
  5. Elina Born & Stig Rästa – “Goodbye To Yesterday” (Estonia 2015)
  6. Birthe Kjær – “Vi maler byen rød” (Denmark 1989)
  7. Shiri Maimon – “Hasheket Shenish’ar” (Israel 2005)

8 points: Heart 2 Heart – “Nei eða já” (Iceland 1992)

The first of two Icelandic entries featuring on my list. I just can’t help but smile when I hear this song. The energy that Sigríður (in yellow) and Sigrún (in red) put into this song is fantastic. For me, it’s by far the best Eurovision song of the 1990s, but I really think it stands the test of time too. After all, who doesn’t love an infectious toe-tapper? 7th place was a criminal position for this song – in my mind it should have been Reykjavík 1993. When Iceland does it well, they do it VERY WELL!

10 points: Il Volo – “Grande Amore” (Italy 2015)

I’m not normally the biggest fan of opera in Eurovision – where people seem to love “La Forza” and “La Voix”, I’m not the greatest fans of them. However, this song is on a different level. The Italian language is a beautiful language anyway but couple that with the amazing voices of Il Volo and you have a perfect song. Deciding the order of my top 2 was so hard, and to be honest, I’d give them both 12 points if I could. Every time I listen to this song, it gives me chills and I think it gets better and better on every listen. Maturing like a fine Italian cheese or wine.

Honourable mention: Zlata Ognevich – “Gravity” (Ukraine 2013)

Now if you remember back to my votes last year (which, after the year we’ve had, is probably a bit tricky to do), you’ll remember that I gave “Gravity” a big dix points. I feel so bad that I’ve had to leave this off my list this year, but every year, there’s always one song that I ‘forget’ about so to speak. I still love this song, it’s a beautiful song with amazing staging. But when the standards in Eurovision are so high, it’s really hard to squeeze 100 songs into just 10 votes… so this placed 11th this year. But still – I absolutely love it and would love to see it in the top 250!

12 points: Daði og Gagnamagnið – “Think About Things” (Iceland 2020)

I’ve definitely had a journey with this song. When I first listened to this year’s Söngvakeppnin offerings, it was only my 7th favourite, the night before the final it had rose to my 2nd. But Nina was still ahead. When it won the national final, I gave it a proper listen. And I realised how much I’d initially underrated it. IT IS AMAZING. It perfectly sums up Eurovision in 3 minutes. And I think this reflects in the success it’s had this year even without the contest. With it being my most listened to song of the year on Spotify, I had to give my douze points to this fantastic song. A song that I’d keep going back to, to make me smile throughout lockdown. I can’t wait to see them back next year!

What do you think of Tom R’s votes for this year’s ESC250? Let us know! Stay tuned, as Aline will present her votes in the next edition.

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