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🇭🇷 Meet the DORA 2021 participants

140 becomes 14 to become the one for Croatia

HRT, the broadcaster responsible for the Croatian participation has announced the songs and singers that will be competing in the Croatian national final DORA. The winner will represent Croatia in Rotterdam in 2021.

Damir Kedžo won the 2020 edition of the national final, but due to Covid_19 pandemic he didn’t get the opportunity to represent Croatia. He later revealed that he wouldn’t enter a song for 2021.

The pre-pre selection

A jury consisting of Andrej Babić (HGU, HDS), Hrvoje Prskalo (HDS), Matija Cvek (HGU), Monika Lelas (HRT – HRA) and Uršula Tolj (HRT – HTV) determined that the submission process ended on December 10. A total of 140 songs arrived to HRT.

Then the five-member expert jury (composed of representatives of HRT, HDS and HGU) led by the editor of the project Dora 2021. Uršulja Tolj between 12 to the 14 December listened in detail and repeatedly to all the songs and unanimously selected 14 songs (and 4 reserves) that will compete on February 13, 2021 in Opatija at the national final of DORA, for the prestigious statue of Dora and the Croatian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 to be held in May in Rotterdam.

Runners and riders

Here are the 14 main entries and the four reserve songs!

1. BLIND (F. Rudan / A. Franić / H. Domazet – F. Rudan / A. Franić) – FILIP RUDAN
2. COLORS (B. Georgiev Milanov / B. Brunović) – BERNARDA
3. COME THIS WAY (S. Reljić Simba – E. Orešković) – ELLA OREŠKOVIĆ
4. KRIV (S. Reljić Simba – Fayo) – SANDI CENOV
5. MA ZAMISLI (P. Martinjak) – BETA SUDAR
7. OCEAN OF LOVE (A. Pupavac / A. Bjorkman / K. Persson / T. Marić – A. Pupavac) – ToMa
8. RECI MI (E. Vidović) – ERIC
9. RIJEKA (H. Librenjak – Miki Solus / N. Kraljić) – NINA KRALJIĆ
10. SHARE THE LOVE (I. Škunca – A. Colburn / I. Škunca) – ASHLEY COLBURN & BOJAN JAMBROŠIĆ
11. SHE’S LIKE A DREAM (M. Negovetić / L. Deb / D. Jamm / D. Kertes) – MIA NEGOVETIĆ
12. TICK-TOCK (B. Mihaljević – M. Cinnamon / T. Buklijaš Bakić) – ALBINA
13. ZALJUBLJEN (M. Mirković) – CAMBI

2. MEGALOMAN (A. Čubrić / J. Houdek – A. Čubrić) – ENDI (feat. LORA)
3. SOLDIER (P. Ružević / A. Bjorkman / A. Pupavac / J. Alin – P. Ružević / A. O’Connor) – PJERINO RUŽEVIĆ
4. ONLY LOVE (B. Čakić / I. Ivić / R. Babić – B. Čakić / N. Špralja) – Z/11

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