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πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ The German act for Eurovision 2021 has been chosen

The German entrant for Eurovision 2021 has been decided, as revealed by Head Of Delegation Alexandra Wolfslast, appearing on the ESC Update podcast, though she did not share the date on which the act will be revealed.

Alexandra Wolfslast appeared on German-language podcast ESC Update on their 19th December edition to answer questions about Germany’s participation in 2021.

She revealed that her delegation has already chosen the act, but didn’t share the date on which the artist would be publicly known. The date has not been decided. It is likely to be in February or March. However, the German delegation is working hard to plan for their chosen artist. Last year, the first time that Germany started their current run of internal selections, Ben Dolic was selected on February 27th. While there isn’t much precedent, expecting a date around that point seems sensible.

Wolfslast stated that hundreds of songs were submitted, including in songwriting teams. ‘Juries’; music industry experts, have been involved throughout the process. They are ultimately responsible for the German entrant for Eurovision 2021. The shift from national final to internal selection in 2020 seems to be a shift that the delegation is sticking to and working well with.

The German process so far

Last month, Ben Dolic revealed he would not be performing for Germany at Eurovision 2021. As such, the artist for Germany will be a new artist, or at least not Ben Dolic.

Back in October, Iveta Mukuchyan claimed she had been approached by the German delegation but could not participate because of the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict.

Germany is one of the countries in the “Big 5”, who are always qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest final. Their representative next year will appear in the final of Eurovision 2021. Germany’s recent results have been mixed. Four out of five of their most recent entries finished 25th or lower. Michael Schulte’s “You Let Me Walk Alone” was the sole exception, finishing 4th. The song and artist combination that come out of Germany’s internal selection process will hope to be another exception.

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