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🇦🇲 Iveta Mukuchyan claims she was called to represent Germany in 2021

Iveta Mukuchyan went on to claim that due to the current Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict they decided not to allow her to participate

The singer who represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, Iveta Mukuchyan has claimed that she was called for an opportunity to represent Germany in Rotterdam in 2021.

Iveta, who was raised in Hamburg since she was 6 years old and as of present lives in the country. In 2012 she participated in the second series of The Voice of Germany. Ultimately she was eliminated in the first week of the live shows.

Germany in 2020

Germany was supposed to be represented by Ben Dolic with the song “Violent Thing” in Rotterdam in May 2020. The entry was written by prolific Bulgarian songwriter Borislav Milanov. But due to the Covid_19 pandemic the 2020 edition of the contest was cancelled.

The broadcaster announced that Ben would not be their representative via internal selection but did leave the door open for him to submit an entry to ARD for the chance to represent Germany again in 2021.

What Iveta has claimed

In an instagram post on 6th October 2020, she posted that she received a call from Germany that she had been recommended to represent the nation by a jury of 200 experts. These “experts” we as of yet do not know of their identity. We should make it clear that Iveta didn’t specify who from Germany called her.

It also seems that some time passed between the fist point of contact and the second as she stated her excitement on a possible return to Eurovision for another country. Subsequently her excitement was quashed as she went on to say the following.

Everybody was excited, me as well. Then I got a call that the press department [assumidly of the German broadcaster] said that unfortunately they decided last minute that they couldn’t take me, explaining that I already participated and that wouldn’t make sense for Germany.

She then goes on to put forward her own explanation as to why she thinks she was decided against to have the opportunity to represent Germany in Rotterdam.

I know from the first second it was nonsense but the real reason could only be that I put up the Kharabagh flag and Germany does not appreciate political involvement in the Eurovision.

She goes on to give her own standpoint on the current unfolding situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh also known as the Republic Of Artsakh. You can read more below.

What do you think of the situation? Is the German broadcaster right in their decision to not follow through with the experts wishes for Iveta to represent them? Please comment below or get in touch with us @escxtra on all social media platforms and then subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Spotify for curated playlists.

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