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πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Selection for Germany’s 2021 Eurovision entry revealed

Ben Dolic not definite for Eurovision 2021

Since the cancellation fo the Eurovision Song Contest, fans have been wondering how the German act will be selected for 2021. Now it’s been confirmed how they will be selecting their entry.

Alexandra Wolfslast (Germany’s Head of Delegation) has confirmed in an interview with ESC-Kompakt that they will once again internally select their Eurovision representative for 2021.

With this announcement, it’s confirmed that Ben Dolic will not be automatically selected out right for next year’s competition.

Ben Dolic to submit another song with Boris Milanov

In the interview with ESC-Kompact, Alexandra Wolfslast, along with Christian Blenker and Thomas Schreiber. The decision as to why Ben was not selected outright was explained.

One of the main factors, is mainly that the EBU required new songs for next year’s competition, as Christian Blenker explained:

Boris Milanov wrote “Violent Thing”, a great song that Ben shone with his unique voice. The EBU has decided that only new songs will be allowed to play next year. That is also why we said that we want to start another selection process with two independent juries for the coming year. Ben and Boris want to submit a new song together. We are very happy about that. Because it should be clear to everyone that the two compete to win. But we also want to give new artists a chance to compete for Germany at ESC 2021

Christian Blenker on Ben submitting a new song for 2021 (translated)

Speaking about the plan it was confirmed that all the parties are in mutual agreement in regards to this.

We have all spoken to each other, i.e. with Ben and with Boris Milanov. By mutual agreement, we are very happy when Ben is there with a new song – but not set, but in competition with everyone else. The 100-member Eurovision jury and the 20-member international expert jury will decide who will compete for Germany in Rotterdam on May 22, 2021.

Thomas Schreiber on the 2021 selection (translated)

ESC-Kompakt also asked Alexandra Wolfslast, Christian Blenker and Thomas Schreiber about Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light as well as other topics, which you can read right here.

Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest

Being one of the original countries to debut at the Eurovision Song Contest, Germany has participated in the contest 63 times, and have won two times (1982 & 2010).

In 2020, Germany internally selected Ben Dolic with the song ‘Violent Thing’, which was written by Connor Martin, Dag Lundberg, Jimmy Thoren, Peter St James and Borislav Milanov, and was set to compete in the Grand Final of the 2020 competition.

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