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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± The scenario chosen for Eurovision 2021 to be revealed in 4 to 5 Weeks

We'll soon find out what type of show we will have for May!

When it was announced that the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam, fans have wondered how the show will take place, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In September, the organisers revealed the four scenarios, available to ensure the continuity of the contest.

As the year begins, fans are eagerly awaiting to find out which scenario will be chosen for this year’s contest. The Executive Supervisor for the 2021 contest, Sietse Bakker has revealed that the decision will be taken in four to five weeks.

‘A few decisions can also be taken up to early March’

Even before the announcement, fans have been asking when will it be confirmed, which scenario will be chosen. Somebody, asked this question to Sietse before the new year, and he revealed then that it will be in February, with some decisions, potentially being taken in March.

Eurovision fans travel from all around the world to attend the contest, there is still the debate of whether or not there will be an audience for this year’s contest. Sietse has confirmed, that they are looking at all ways to safely welcome an audience.

Four Scenarios, but which one?

As it was previously mentioned, there are four scenarios, that ensures that the contest will take place in May. Here is a reminder of what they are:

Scenario A – This will be a normal contest. Therefore, the Rotterdam Ahoy will be filled with spectators watching the show, and all of the participating countries will be in Rotterdam performing their entry.

Scenario B – A socially distant contest, which is based on the current health regulations, set up by the Dutch government. This therefore means a reduced amount of audience members during the shows, as well as the other activities in Rotterdam.

Scenario C – Travel restrictions continue to be in place for some or all of the participating countries. For the participating countries, who are unable to head to Rotterdam will perform their entry in their own country. For the participating countries, that are able to travel, along with the opening and interval acts will continue to take place in Rotterdam. Usual on-site activities will be replaced by virtual ones.

Scenario D – This is for when lockdown occurs. There will be no delegations in Rotterdam. All participants will be performing their entries in their home country, and no audience in the venue. Usual on-site activities will be replaced by virtual ones.

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