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EBU reveals branding design for Eurovision 2021

Not long ago, the EBU revealed the revised logo for the 2021 contest. The new logo was similar to the 2020 logo but with a different concept. Now, the EBU released a brand new preview on the theme of next year’s contest.

Let’s Open Up, again

The EBU surprised the Eurofans just when the clock struck midnight and along with the new year, the EBU published a brand new video on the Eurovision channel. The video features Duncan Laurence – encouraging and emphasizing on the importance of celebrating “we“. A preview of the animated design can be seen at the end of the video, which is now featured across the Eurovison website and social media.

CLEVER°FRANKE are behind the designing of the 2021 logo, which visualizes the coming together of all participating countries towards the center, represented by the heart of Europe for this year’s contest – Rotterdam.

As established, the 2021 logo’s color scheme is based on the flags of the participating countries, similarly to the concept of the 2020 logo. However, secondary lighter colors of bright green, pink and purple prop up the 2021 logo. It also intergrates 6 patterns into the design: landscapes, water, bridges, fields, creativity and resilience.

The design elements for the 2021 Logo • NPO/NOS/AVROTROS

Apart from being featured across the Eurovision website, the new design elements can also be seen on the official Merchandise of the contest, such as mugs and T-shirts, as well as buses across the city of Rotterdam.

What is The Track?

The Track is an expansion of the flag-based logo of the contest. The Track is never ending and repeating, in order to emphasize the message of this year’s contest. It is based on the 2020 stage design – which will be in use for this year. However, according to the EBU the design of The Track is everchanging and open to adjustment in many different ways, as long as it preserves the rhombus shape.

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