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🇺🇦 GO_A’s Kateryna Pavlenko teases Måneskin collaboration

According to Kateryna, the song is ready

Following the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final, Italy’s Måneskin and Ukraine’s GO_A have become breakout stars. Both have enjoyed success on Global Billboard charts, while Måneskin have been spawning multiple streaming hits across the continent and beyond. Now, GO_A’s Kateryna Pavlenko has revealed that a collaboration is in the works.

As reported by Eurofestival News, Kateryna Pavlenko revealed via her social media last week that a track the bands have collaborated on is ready to be released. There is no release date or title for the song, but they are awaiting label approval before they can release it.

Having discussed their intentions to collaborate with fellow Eurovision artists, GO_A have been making good on this promise. GO_A recently met in Vilnius with Lithuania’s The Roop ahead of a potential collaboration. In addition, they have discussed working with Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears and Australia’s Montaigne.

GO_A at Eurovision

GO_A originally won their spot to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2020 with “Solovey” after winning Vidbir. Following Eurovision’s cancellation in 2020, UA:PBC quickly announced that Go_A would return to represent Ukraine at the 2021 contest in Rotterdam with “Shum”.

Ukraine’s return to the Eurovision following their 2019 withdrawal was a success, with GO_A finishing 5th with 364 points, placing 2nd with the televote behind overall winners Måneskin. In our Voting Quirks feature, we uncovered that Ukraine landed a top three finish in 42% of televoting countries in the Grand Final.

You can watch our interview with Kateryna and Taras from GO_A below:

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