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🇬🇷 Greece: ERT planning national final for Eurovision 2022?

ERT allegedly wanted to host a selection for 2021, but the pandemic made it near-impossible

A few months ago, it was announced that Stefania would record five potential entries for Eurovision 2021. Last week, it was announced that she will perform “Last Dance” at this year’s contest in Rotterdam. The song is set to be released in March, marking Greece’s fourth consecutive internal-selection. Could they be about to break this trend?

In recent a interview on The Euro Trip podcast, Giannis Argyriou from Greek news site Eurovision Fun calmed that ERT intend to hold a national final to select their Eurovision 2022 entry:

ERT’s intentions for next year are to have a national final. This is something a lot of people in Greece have wanted for several years. A lot of artists have expressed their desire to participate in a national final for Eurovision.

Eurovision Fun’s Giannis Argyriou speaking on The Euro Trip

There had been rumours about ERT’s intentions to host a national final for Stefania’s entry, before opting for another internal selection.

The truth is ERT wanted to a national final this year for the selection of Stefania’s song but the pandemic made it difficult.

Eurovision Fun’s Giannis Argyriou speaking on The Euro Trip

The last time Greece held a full national final was back in 2015, with Eurosong 2015 – NERIT & MAD Show. The selection was won by Maria Elena Kyriakou’s “Once Last Breathe”, which placed 19th in Vienna. Following this, Demy’s entry for Eurovision 2017 was selected in a three-song selection.

Stefania’s Eurovision journey 

Stefania’s Eurovision journey began back in 2016, when she participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as a member of the group Kisses. They represent The Netherlands in Valetta with the song “Kisses & Dancin’”, finishing eighth.

Stefania had been selected internally to represent Greece at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. She was due to perform “SUPERG!RL” in the first half of semi final 2. 

Back in March, Greek public broadcaster ERT released a press statement to address the news about the EBU’s decision to cancel this year’s contest. In the statement, the broadcaster expressed their intentions to continue their cooperation with Stefania. In December, it was confirmed that her entry would be internally selected again.

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