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๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Broadcasters get more flexibility in filming back-up Eurovision 2021 performances

In an exclusive interview which took place on 17 January, tv content producer & director Jan Bors and Sietse Bakker had an inspirational conversation. They talked about the past, present and future of our beloved contest.

Scenario Eurovision 2021 decided in February

The EBU and the Dutch broadcasters require every participating delegation to prerecord a performance. The producers can use these if Eurovision 2021 would take place under scenario D, or when some delegations aren’t able to travel to The Netherlands. Sietse Bakker explained that every delegation gets more flexibility in this than we saw in the Junior Eurovision of 2020. The participating delegations of Junior Eurovision 2020 were only free to have variation in LED lighting and projection screen. For Eurovision 2021, broadcasters will get even more freedom to make their performance according to their wishes. The Dutch broadcasters have made this decision to prevent the public from having to watch a similar performance 41 times. There willl still be some boundaries, but less compared to the Junior Eurovision of 2020. Of course, not every country has the same resources to put on a super-grand performance. That is why the organisers have tried to keep the rules as maximum as possible. In this way, Sweden, Moldova and the other participating countries can show off a strong product.

Of course we hope that we can bring all 41 acts to Rotterdam because we want them to be together and perform on the same stage, as it has always been. But if it’s not I think it will be the most colourful and diverse Eurovision Song Contests we have ever seen.

What can we expect from Eurovision 2021?

Since the allocation draw already took place last year, the broadcasters don’t see a reason to do this again. Sietse mentioned that the semi finals will remain the same. The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 18, 20 and 22. The EBU and Dutch broadcasters will decide which scenario they will use next month. In short, the organisation team will do its very best to give us the best Eurovision Song Contest under current circumstances.

Full interview of Jan Bors with Sietse Bakker

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