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XTRA DECIDES: πŸ‡­πŸ‡· We choose Bernarda with ‘Colors’

Welcome to XTRA Decides! In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. Today we decide our winner of Croatia’s selection ‘DORA 2021

We had fourteen songs to choose from for this national final. After giving our scores, the team has chosen Bernarda with ‘Colors’ to win the competition. Check out our scores and the thoughts of some of the team below…

Our Scores

Bernarda – Colors168
Nina Kraljić – Rijeka262
Albina Grčić – Tick-Tock355
Mia Negovetić – She’s Like A Dream451
Cambi – Zaljubljen538
Brigita Vuco – Noći pijane636
ToMa – Ocean of Love734
Beta Sudar – Ma zamisli831
Ella Orešković – Come This Way929
Tony & Kiki – Zapjevaj, sloboda je!1020
Filip Rudan – Blind1118
Eric – Reci mi1214
Sandi Cenov – Kriv134
Ashley & Bojan – Share the Love134


Nick (12pts)

As much as I like Bernarda’s “Colors”, I feel it’s not particularly Croatian. It could’ve represented anyone – be it Bulgaria, Austria, Malta or anyone else, really. It sounds like a typical Borislav Milanov song, but that definitely is not a bad thing. However, I fear it’s slightly outdated? This would’ve been a better fit a couple of years ago. Then again, so would I. So I’ll happily bop along to Bernarda’s entry and cheer Croatia on if they indeed do pick this in Dora 2021, which, by the way, was a fantastic selection!

Bente (10pts)

Croatia is definitely giving us a good national final! “Colors” is a great song and probably one of the strongest in the selection, only really getting competition from Rijeka. It’s a clean production with good vocals and an opportunity for a really cool stage performance. This is also the tricky part, as Croatia can be a hit or miss with staging. Still, this could definitely win the national final and possibly do well in Eurovision too. We will have to wait and see if the rest of the song is as good as the snippet, though!

Aline (10pts)

From all the songs in this DORA-selection, I feel like this has the potential to reach a decent result in Eurovision compared to the 13 other songs. I love Bernarda’s voice going from lower notes to higher notes so it doesn’t sound monotone. The chorus is catchy enough to get remembered by the audience. Could become my favourite Croatian entry ever if it gets chosen. Curious about the staging!

Tom R (7pts)

From the snippets we’ve heard, Croatia has one of the strongest selections of the year. “Colors” sounds fantastic and I could see this easily sailing through the semi-finals. After a few poor years, Croatia could really pick themselves back up with this song. I think everyone is looking for a feel-good, pick-me-up song this year and this would definitely fit the bill. With the right staging, and if the snippet’s quality is carried through the whole song, this could be a real contender for the Dora win.

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